eService Transaction Centre

The eService Transaction Centre is part of the Council's commitment to innovation and accessibility, giving residents quick, easy access to its services. The Centre offers a growing list of services via the Internet, with more to come this year.

Currently, residents can:

  • Pay rates
  • Pay animal registration fees
  • Pay parking infringements
  • Pay your tax invoice or statement
  • Check the status of planning applications

When your rates notice, parking fine or dog or cat registration notice arrives in the mail, simply follow the directions to log in to eService and you'll be able to do all your council business without even leaving home. You are required to pre-register for access to some eService transactions to ensure that privacy and security are maintained.

You'll also find useful tools for dealing with your property. If you have lodged a planning application with Council, you can check to see which stage in the approval process it has reached.

In the future, dealing with Council will be even easier. From your own home you'll be able to settle all your accounts and obtain all the information you need.